How To Trust Train Your Rats

Training your rat is a very difficult task due to language barrier. Your loving action can be a nightmare for your rat who is not trained. For example, you are sitting in your room in front of your computer and enjoying chatting but suddenly a Godzilla pulled off your house roof and catch you along with your chair. It produces some notions which are not understood by you and release you after producing strange noises. Definitely, you will be scared of this whole work. It is the same situation which happens with your untrained rat to whom you try to show your affections. It is in your notice that you’re not going to hurt them whereas rats are fully unaware of it.

Training of your rats depends upon the type of your rat. There are four types of rat training methods which depends upon socialization type of your rat. Socialization has four types that are given below.

  • Perfect Socialized rats
  • Semi Socialized Rats
  • Un-socialized rats
  • Forced Socialized
  • Perfect Socialized rats

Perfect Socialized rats belong to those breeds that are perfectly trained since birth. These type of rats are very easy to tame and train. They start taking treats from the first day by your hand. In some cases, female rats have an inverse reaction so they take some more effort to tame.

How to train

Training well-socialized rats are very easy you can tame them with the help of three steps.

1-Treat giving on every visit

The first step is giving them treat every time when you visit them. Also perform different tasks while giving them treat such as door opening, call a certain name for certain rat, scream in a reasonable tone and other noises. These tasks are only to ensure them that these tasks are normal and will not hurt them. They will make them familiar with these type of actions and noises and rats will not scare from your normal actions.

2-Compel them to come to the cage door for the treat

The second step is to give them signalShake your cage and compel your rat to come to the door for getting the treat. If they didn’t come by cage shaking then keep the treat in front of rat nose and compel them to visit door by its smell.

3-Playing and bonding

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