Superfoods To be Added To Your Pet Diet

Best Super foods For Rats

Every pet lover wants their rats in healthy and fit condition. There is much food that can ensure the fitness and good health of your pets. We have decided to discuss those Superfoods that will provide the Tip Top Condition of your rats. When your rats are healthy and happy, then you will also be satisfied.Each of the superfoods is perfect for supplementing a regular diet of rat based on best rat foods available.

Important Note:

Superfoods should consume in small quantities and moderation. Also to overcome stomach problems and different potential ailments, for example, vitamin overdose.


Garlic For Rat

Garlic is also very important superfood for rats because it has the high level of selenium. Selenium is best to reduce inflammation and oxidative stress in your pets.

When your rats get older Garlic help them to prevent different dangerous decreases such as inflammation. Garlic has oxidation benefits that are important for your rat life. It allows rats to avoid heart-stroke and other heart-related illness.

Garlic helps your rats to free from bacteria and viruses because of its anti-viral and anti-bacterial features. According to an advance, research Garlic prevents the fat in your rats. It avoids excess calories to become fat. It makes it potentially beneficial for your small friends.Note: Excess of everything is terrible. Garlic is very beneficial if you use it in a small quantity. Excess use of Garlic can damage your rat tummy.

Important Note:

Excess of everything is terrible. Garlic is very beneficial if you use it in a small quantity. Excess use of Garlic can damage your rat tummy.


Rat like to eat to Olives

Olive is an excellent superfood for your pets which contains healthiest figures of healthy fats of any food.

Research shows that olive is best for heart health that can assist to avoid heart attacks, strokes and different famous heart regarding problems in rats. Olives also have special anti-inflammation effects which work differently.

Important Note:

It should be given in low quantity to your rat’s excess use can cause the unwanted gain of weight in your rats. It should be used pitted because it causes toxic and choking hazard.


Add SPINACH To Your Rat Food

Spinach also contains Phytochemicals which help prevent inflammation and cancers just like other superfoods on above list. It is very much significant for your pets especially when your rat will not like other Superfoods

.Above said properties are also available in other superfoods of this list, but the unique feature of spinach is Vitamin K. This vitamin is essential for bones of rats and humans. Vitamin K gives strength to bones and very important for playing rats because it prevents bone breaks.



Cranberries are the high superfood for rats because they have multiple healthy properties. They are full of vitamin C, have sufficient quantity of phytonutrients and also are Low-gi meal.

Cranberry is great for rats suffering from cancer, can also be used as the precautionary measure to avoid disease of cancer. It is also considered perfect as protection from infection of the urinary tract that is the standard ailment in male rats.



Another Great Source of Anti-oxidants for rats is Blueberries. But their more important feature is their specialty for the heart.

Blueberries have Phytonutrients that are beneficial for controlling cholesterol level. But their essential benefit is the eradication of triglycerides. Phytonutrients are chemical which secures plants from bugs, fungi, germs and other things.

Triglycerides are fats available in rat blood. The body of rat uses it for energy. A rat needs a limited amount of triglycerides for good health. But the excess availability of triglycerides may cause metabolic syndrome in rats.

Blueberries have another strong feature of low sugars, which make it best for heart and for overweight rats to come back to healthy weight.

Broccoli Steamed:

Rat food Broccoli Steamed

Steamed broccoli has several health-related benefits, and some are especially important for your rats. When talking about rats health, cholesterol lowering feature of Broccoli is very beneficial.

According to analysis Broccoli has unique features that cause bile excretion efficiency. Bile excretion lowers the cholesterol in rats.

.According to analysis Broccoli has unique features that cause bile excretion efficiency. Bile excretion lowers the cholesterol in rats.

Head cancer ailment in rats is widespread. Broccoli is a perfect source of Vitamin C because it is a cruciferous vegetable. It is the excellent source of anti-oxidants that avoid head cancer in your rats.


Use raspberries as Rat Food

When we are talking about superfoods Raspberries, have high importance because of its distinctive cancer prevention features. It also has anti-oxidant properties. There are many products in our list that are best for cancer, but Raspberries perform beyond our expectations.According to latest research phytochemicals trigger human cells to start dying of cells. It means Raspberries are more than perfect superfood for your rats suffering from cancer. It will kill the cancerous cells, and your rats will get more life.

Rocket (Arugula):

Must use Rocket as supplement food

Rocket is an excellent bundle of three Vitamins C, K &A. When you give this superfood to your rats, they will be secure from skin issues, bone-related problems an also from cancer. It is also an authentic source of phytochemicals and anti-oxidants.In addition to above said features Rocket has the infinity of vitamin B-complex for example thiamin, riboflavin, B6, and niacin. It is considered that they help in metabolic function between different things. It also keeps your rats fit about weight and avoid the heart-related issue, diabetes, and other fat issues.

Savoy Cabbage:

Savoy Cabbage

Savoy Cabbage is very important for your rat because it helps to keep your rat teeth active and healthy. It is the perfect source of C-vitamin.It is an excellent deal for rats suffering from asthma and other breath regarding issues. It has uniqueness in our list because of this property. The working mechanism of Savoy Cabbage is very long so it can not be discussed whole here. I will describe the entire story in a line that it is very useful for breathing and almost every rat born with Mycoplasma which is worst for breath.

Steamed Kale:

Kale is supposed to be a perfect superfood for the best reason because it can support system of detoxification in human as well as rats body up to genetic level.It has more than 45 phytochemicals because of that it can ensure healthy life of your rats with numerous methods. It has features of anti-cancer, the health of heart promoting and health of stomach support. It contains Vitamins A & C but carries the best amount of Vitamin K. Availability above said vitamins add more benefits in the advantage list of kale. It should be used after steaming.



It carries the number one place in our superfood for rats list. Watercress is considered as best anti-cancer from all superfoods of the world. Research shows that it has the high amount of different phytochemicals and the great quantity of anti-oxidants presence.It has been discovered by the scientists that watercress contains the different type of useful chemicals and compounds. It has the great mixture of PEITC which is best for liver enzymes, and it is studied that it activates a chemical carcinogen in humans as well as rats.

Watercress is considered best for asthma, and lung issues prevention. It enhances the ability of prevention in your rats against heart health related issues such as heart stroke and blood pressure. It is also very advantageous for eyesight problems of your rats.Above said all benefits are available in this single food which makes this universal food superfood for tas. Excess of everything is terrible and our recommendation is that use raw one to two leaves per day after washing it.


Above said all foods could be used to supplement the routine diet of your pets. Addition of these superfoods in your rat's diet will ensure the perfect health of your pets as well as keep diet advance and fun.Please make it your responsibility to share information with other Pet lovers for betterment their little creatures.

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