List Of Foods Not Suitable For Rats

If you are a responsible pet owner then you would like to provide your rats nutritious and healthy food, But knowing facts regarding what is suitable is not simple to investigate. So after a deep research, list of foods not suitable for rats and List of those foods that should avoid to feed rats are provided here.

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Foods To Never Feed Rats:

what can rats not eat


Sweet Potatoes in raw consists of cyanide, however when cooked it doesn't. It is great whlow-gi diet that has ability to fight against diabetes when used along some higher gi food.


Small amount of cyanide found in the skin of green potato which is not good for animals, Also latest agriculture methods consists of spraying different type of poisons to increase production. You can avoid dangerous and cancerous poisons by potato and other vegetables using after boiling.


According to Rat owners reviews it has been discovered that firstly rat enjoy chilies but after passage of time they suffer from respiratory distress and eye related issues because of chili heat and spice. Chilies are reported high gastric irritant by most of the rat lovers.


Apples should be given to your rats after properly cleaning their seeds because seeds contain high dose of cyanide. Even small dose of Cyanide or poison can kill your rats. Only human can survive this amount of cyanide.


Carbonated Drinks are worst for the life of your rats because they can not burp. Burping can help to digest Carbonated drinks.


Anything which is stodgy, wet and sticky can cause choking hazard in your lovely pets. Peanut butter has all said features that cause choking hazard so it should be avoided. Rats can not clearly obstruct or vomit so peanut butter is not good idea to give.


Citrus Juices are not good specially for Male rats. Male rats have protein and protein got bead effects of Limonene D that came from skin of citrus foods. It is dangerous for kidney because it can initially demage it and have potential of its cancer.


It is also not good for Male rats because of D-Limonene existance in it. So It is totally allowed to give to your mice or female rats.


If any pet owner mistakenly fed this to his pets then he should not worry if they are well after taking it. Only you should avoid its further use in excess quantity.

Foods Not Suitable For Rats:

We have researched foods on the basis of four defects to define a food suitable or not suitable for your pets. A food will not be suitable for your rats if it is difficult to chew, Can Cause choking hazard, contains variety of foods that have uncertain effects on rats and can cause gastric problems such as diarrhea.


RAW RED CABBAGE not good for rat

Red cabbage contains high quantity of thiamine which is healthy if used in low quantity. But due to excess quantity in Red cabbage it can cause Korsakoff Syndrome in your rats. Thiamine or Vitamin B1 if used in low quantity, is necessary for healthy nervous system and for heart related improvement of your rats. Excess quantity can cause diseases in your rats such as mental disorder and Korsakoff Syndrome. It is negative vitamin for pets from mammal family.


Not feed LEEKS to your rat

Leeks cause difficulty in chewing for your pets since they are manually converted into sub sections. It can cause choking hazard for your rats. It contains two negative factors so Leeks should be avoided as rat food.


Mushrooms are very debatable because some of them are fine if they are cooked and some are dangerous. However according to our opinion there are several kinds of mushrooms that are fit for your rats.

We are going to keep mushrooms in our not suitable list because not all mushrooms are safe for your little creature. However, regular cooked mushrooms with white cap are fine to give to your pets.


Artichokes hinder protein digestion that can cause Food allergy and deficiency of the proteins. Proteins are very much necessary for healthy growth of cells. It increases the risk of cancer in your rats.


Banana that have green color shows that they are not ripe. Most of the rat owners use Unripe Bananas because of their hardness but it is not good for rats. It can cause choking hazard and inhibit digestion of starch. It is very worrying thing for rat owners because rat food normally contain a high amount of carbohydrates.

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