How To Take Care Of A Hamster

Learn How To Take Care Of A Hamster!

If you are wondering about pet hamster care or how to take care of a hamster, that means you’ve probably recently adopted a pet hamster. Congratulations! Teddy Bear hamsters are wonderful, inexpensive pets and are among some of the most popular pets to own. Teddy Bear hamsters are incredibly cute, super cuddly and so easy to take care of!

Good pet hamster care isn’t complicated, but there are a few things you should know. This lens will cover ways to care for your tiny, sweet, furry hamster lovingly. So, keep reading to learn how to take care of a hamster!

How To Choose A Hamster Cage

A good hamster cage ensures a happy and healthy hamster, which will most likely result in a more comfortable you! (: Sit back, relax, and I’ll bring you through the essentials of choosing a hamster cage!

Hamsters Need Space

In choosing the right hamster cage for your hamster, you need to cater ample space for your hamster to run about and do other aerobic stunts. Hamsters, somewhat similar in this case to humans, need exercise. Thus, they need the extra space to mess around with. How many hamsters do you plan on having in a cage? A hamster cage that is too small will also raise the risks of your hamster becoming depressed. Choose the largest cage you can afford.

Ease Of Washing

In view that you should cater for the largest cage for your hamster, you might also want to pick one that is easy to clean. Having to feel that maintaining your hamster cage is a chore is bad news. Really bad news. So pick a hamster cage that has those lock-on latches that can snap into place or hooks which are also easy to fix (you get the idea?) so assembling and disassembling it for washing is a breeze. Do not ever pick the kind of hamster cage that has all parts and components permanently bound to each other where you cannot remove any single piece for washing! That’d be a disaster! Everything in the hamster cage should be easily accessible by hand when fully disassembled so that ease of washing the hamster cage is achieved.

The Mandatory Wheel

I plead for your attention on this section of this article! The hamster wheel is the main and essential thing which should not be omitted for any reason. If the hamster lacks the necessary exercise just because you didn’t provide it with a wheel to run on, it might run a big risk of developing paralysis due to under-usage of the running muscles.

At a very high speed, a trapped hamster’s leg can get broken. I’m sure you don’t want that to happen to your beloved hamster! Lets move on to the next section…

The Expansion

What? You want your hamster to live a life of a King or Queen (or princess)? Not a problem at all! Some cages offer expandable features. These can be identified by detachable “covers” on certain openings in your cages. An excellent example of such cages are the cages offered by Habitrail. Habitrail also provides accessories and cage expansions by its very own brand! What makes it even more appealing is that their cages tend to be colourful and your hamster might be happy to live in one (:

Cleaning a Hamster Cage

For any new hamster owner, it is essential to master some of the basics of hamster care. The most important part is keeping the hamster cages clean from feces. I’m sure there are a lot of young readers here so for those who do not know what feces is, it is poop. It is important for any hamster owner to clean their hamster cages on a weekly basis. This means either replacing the newspaper or wooden bedding.

There are many reasons why it is important to clean your hamster cage so often. Firstly the hamster cage can begin to smell very bad and reek. You will get a good feel for the amount of urine and turds that your hamster has very quickly. This will only take a few cleanings to determine how often you will need to clean the crap from the bottom of the cage. For some hamster, gerbils, or Guinea pigs you will need to clean every couple days or not for two weeks. Each animal is different and like I said before you will get a nice feel for the level of waste your pet creates after a few cleanups.

The two different choices of liner for a hamster cage is wood chips or newspaper. The benefit of using newspaper is it is really fast to clean the cage. After peeling the matted newspaper off the bottom, I advise that you sanitize the metal or plastic bottom. The wood chips come in several different styles. There are the large heavy wood chips. These are not optimal for a small hamster, and the wood shavings work much better. If you decide to go with the wooden bottom of the hamster cage, it is best to buy the shavings in bulk. Sometimes a hamster ball can get poop and other feces stuck to it if the cage is not clean

You might feel ridiculous walking out of the pet store with a bag of wood chips, but this is the most expensive part of owning a hamster. Even more so than the cost of hamster food. Keeping clean hamster cages is key to having a healthy pet.

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