The Seven Best Rat Toys 2018

Rats are intelligent, active creature which requires proper mental stimulation and exercise for ideal health. There are the bundle of natural methods and fun ways to entertain your pets.You can give toys to provide a form of entertainment for your pets.

Rats enjoy tunnels. Some of them enjoy running through them, and some experience them. Tubes are made by keeping in mind the two needs of rats playing and sleeping.

Rats that love sleeping should be served with fleece interiors, and ones like playing should be provided toys and funny sounds to play. In other words, you can say that tunnel is an excellent source of entertainment for rats

Wildforlife Wooden Hamster Seesaw Mouse Tunnel Tube Toy

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Wildforlife Wooden Seesaw Mouse Tunnel Tube
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What Type of Activities do Rats Like?

It should be in your notice before going to purchase toys for your rats that what your rats love to do. Toys are made according to the activities of rats. Toys have different forms and types. You should have to purchase them according to the liking of your pet.


Rats love digging because it's their natural habit. You can motivate them by burring some toys. When your pet digs it, he will get the reward of his effort.


Climbing is also a rat favorite entertainment activity. And Market is full of varieties of toys which satisfy the climbing desire of a rat. Installation of ram for your pet for climbing up and down, a hammock to rats jumping in it, and also stairs to rat ascending. All above said toys keep your rat healthy, moving and entertained.


Naturally Every rat loves to chew. This activity not only fulfills their natural chewing desire but also good for their good for their fitness.

Crawling ,Hiding and exploring Activities

Rat get entertainment by hiding and crawling through different type of tunnels. They also love to explore new things. 

Wheel Running

 Exercises are good for healthy life of all living things. Wheel running is a little exercise that rats love to enjoy. They do this by running on a spinner or wheel. They are required a strong surface wheel so avoid weak surface wheel. Weak surface wheel will cause sticking of rat tail in bars.


It is in the notice of every pet owner that rats have the eating habit and they eat the whole day. Eating full day is worst for your little friends, You can convert eating activity into entertainment and fun by using different ways.There are the different type of toys which provide food hiding facility, in this way you can make your pets to work for the achievement of their all-time beloved snacks. It not only passes their time well but also compels your rat to think.

Being a smart creature, they are required daily exercise to fit their brain. These activities with the help of toys will keep their tiny minds active as their other body parts.

Finding the Best Rated Rat Toys:

After reading above data, it is considered that Now you are familiar with activities that rats enjoy. This information will help you to decide that what do rats like to play with? If your rats love to chew then chew toys should be considered best for your rats. Hammock will be the best choice if your rats enjoy motion.

It is essential that you get that pet rat toy which your rat will like. But experiencing new things will not be considered wrong. You should allow your rat to experience different and unique items. For example, if you have not seen your rats climbing it doeskin means your rat will not enjoy climbing. Climbing is common enjoyment thing in rats, and you should not forget it to provide to your pets. You can not assess that your rats or not will love a toy.

Our Top 7 Rat Toy Reviews

For Running Activity

Kaytee Silent Spinner Exercise Wheel

Best Rat Spinner Exercise Wheel

Our Rating

It is beyond traditional exercising wheel along with spinner hub which provides noiseless wheel running activity to your rat. Kaytee Silent Spinner can be used either by attaching directly to cage or can be used free standing. It consists of Plastic with great quality that gives comfortable and secure surface to your rat. it is available in different sizes such as large, medium and mini.

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For Crawling ,Hiding and exploring Activities

Kaytee FerreTrail Flex-E Fun-nels

Funnel Pet Tunnel

Our Rating

It is a tunnel type long tube which will provide your rat a chance to experience a tunnel. It is not a straight path such as other tunnels. As its new shows, they are flexible tunnels.

You can create a different type of twist and bend in tubes to provide every time new route for your rat.Flex-E Fun-Nels not only twist and bend but also can change length. It can be lengthened by stretching up to eight feet. Measurement of tunnels can be enhanced by connecting more than one long tubes.

It is the impressive presentation of FerreTrail Series. It can be attached to any other toy of the same series with the help of FerreTrail Connector. It shows that you can create full playland by addition of other toy products. It enables you to provide every day new playland with the change of things.

The single drawback of this toy is that rats make holes in it by chewing it. Kaytee FerreTrail Flex-E Fun-Nels consists of thin stuff which rats easily chew. You should avoid it if your rat has the habit of gnawing everything. But if your pets did not eat everything they saw, then its an excellent enjoyment option for your cuties. This Toy Got the best rating because of its versatility.

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Kaytee Crinkle Tunnel

Best Crinkle Tunnel Toy

Our Rating

Tunnel are excellent toys for your pet rats, but Kaytee crinkle goes beyond and up. It not only provides the elegant hideaway for your cute rats but also creates fun in playtime.

The tunnel is specially designed by putting crawling problems of your rat in mind. The inner side of tube consists of crinkle paper which produces sound when rats creep through. Rats enjoy Reaction of crawling, and they run in it to listen to the noise of crinkle.It has the length of 23 inches and diameter of 6 inches. It is cute enough to fit in the cage. It has the impressive size for your rats to run in it. Its diameter also ideal to give rats cozy environment.

It can be quickly and quietly wash in the machine as well as manually.It is also easy to customize-able by connecting with other products and with multiple tunnels.

It provides exploring facility to your rats by building different daily routs. It can be used to encourage examining the ability of your rats with the help of various tricks such as food hiding etc. It provides exercising and exploring activities to your pets that are very important for little creatures. So it is rated high because of these facilities in it.

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For Traning Activities

Living World Teach N Treat Toy

Pet Rat Teaching Toy

Our Rating

When we study, we will come to know that rats are the very smart creature but they often not get chance to show off its smartness. Living World Teach N Treat Toy is the excellent toy to test smartness of rats. Unlike other toys, it did not provide the chance to run through tunnels or chewing chance.It is all about training your rats and offering the opportunity to perform brain work.

It is the universal toy that is fit for different other small animals. It is straightforward to set up. Rat owners put treats in the holes of the toy. Then, they cover up fever holes with pegs of blue color and place it where they want. Then they will give it to their pet rats, Now work of rat starts he has to figure out the method by which he will slide pegs to get the treat.It will not be considered lost if your rat is unable to figure it out because it is a learning toy.

You can teach your pet how to perform treats search. It is also a facility to enhance bonding between rat and you. There is not the availability of activities in which you and your rat both perform together. It is also the uniqueness of this toy that removes distances between owner and pet.If you see that your rat is experienced in getting the current treats, you have to change the thing now.

You can set up this toy with the gift in three ways. When Owner change configuration it provides the chance of work harder to his rat. The owner can revert previous settings to check the memory of rats. It is the great toy because it tests the mind power of your pet, and also generate the firm connection between rat and owner.

It consists of plastic material and not created to keep chewing need of rats. So leaving it alone with your rat is not the proper idea. It should be given to rats under the supervision of the owner. It can be destroyed if it will be alone in the cage because rats seem to chew it after finishing treat.

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For Chewing Activities

Kaytee Medium Knot Nibbler

Best Chewing toy

Our Rating

This toy should be in your toy list because chewing is the everyday activity of rats. It is a wooden knot that consists of vegetable dyes and wood. Its sophisticated design and bright color show that rats will enjoy it. It is just like a knot of wood. There are multiple chewing and looking facilities for your rat. There is a wooden ball in the center of this toy which also increases its fruitfulness. It produces sound when rattling and rats enjoy the music of it.

A Knot Nibbler of 4 x 4 and 108 withstands for weeks by giving tough time to rats. It is not only good for the health of your rats but also great for the entertainment of your pets. Chewing can be fatal if you have to chew toy plastic, but it is the blessing when it is made up of wood. This toy also plays an important role to convert attention of your rats from things that are not thought to be eaten by your rat. This toy also saves your rat cage from chewing damage. It is a great thing at all.

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Natural Wood Unicycle Dumbell Bell Roller Chew Toys

Our Rating

Best Chew Toys For Pet Hamsters Rat

Natural Wood Unicycle Dumbell Bell, Roller Chew Toy, is not only chewing toy but also more than it. It is the combination of all words that come in the title of this toy. It has Dumbbell shape, with crossbars on every side. There is a bell inside the toy that jingles according to the movement.It can be moved quickly with your pet.

It has enough small space of 6.9 cm by 4.9 cm for the handling of rats. It is also significant enough to encourage them to work. It is made for little creatures with various sizes, but specifically best for rats.

This toy can be purchased at the smaller size. 5 cm by 3.7 cm is the size of that toy which is specific for small and weak rats. This toy has the circular shape which helps in rolling it. The rat can enjoy by pushing it to the ground and hear the noise of it. It also keeps moving it and also provides continuous entertainment.

It is made up of wood, and it can be chewed positively, While its life is meager because chewing can damage it. It is the excellent choice if you want to provide the toy to your rats in your absence. It will keep entertaining your rat and also keep your pet active. It also gives you surety of a trouble less enjoyment for your rats.

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For Climibing Activities

7. Niteangel Small Animal Activity Toy, Rat, and Ferret Cotton Rope Nets

Niteangel Small animal activity toy a great entertainment center and climbing scheme rolled in one. It consists of the net made of rope. It is the very simple toy because its construction, installation, and use are straightforward but have many benefits.

It is the package of activity, entertainment, and socialization. It provides the great way to overcome boredom. It is secure exercise along with keeping rats busy. This exercise is healthier for nails of your pets.

It is manufactured entirely from the rope of cotton. Cotton rope secures your rats from any injury. Rops are intertwined in such a way that enable your rats to climb quickly. It has the size of 13.4 by 8.3 which is good enough for climbing of multiple pets at once.

Addition and removal of the net are straightforward because of metal clips that connect cage of the rat to this net. A pet owner can make climb challenging by attaching cargo nets with each other. Rope bridge can be used to enhance the enjoyment of your rats.

It is the versatile toy that can be hanged from the cage top to enable your rat climb vertically. It can be used to create shelf by hanging it horizontally. Clips provide you the flexibility of hanging in different ways which allow you to create new challenges for your rats without investing more.


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