Top 5 Best Rat Hammock Reviews

A rat hammock satisfies three kinds of desires of your pet such as playing, climbing and rest. Your rats enjoy staying busy and after that a comfortable place to relax. All said desires of your little creatures are satisfied by a good hammock.

Best Pet Rat Hammock

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A good bed should be considered by some points such as It should be light in weight, bright colored, durable, comfortable, warm enough for all environments and machine washable. Its fleece should have the breathable lining, and it should be enough for more than rodents.

Rat Hammock should hang at the high point to save playing space for your rat. Rats are curious about the climbing challenge in shape of the hammock. So it should be hanged in a safe dimension to avoid accidents while swinging. It is also a resting place for your rat because they love to rest on closed and high positions.

How Top Pick 

Keep some main point in mind before final a Hammocks. There are varieties of Hammocks with the difference of fabrics and styles.


Hammocks for rats are made of several fabric types. There is no general rule for fabric selection because some rats love a kind of fabrics but other hats the same. Some rats love thin nylon and some plushy fleece so you should have to select hammock according to your pet's preference.

Style and Shape

Rat Hammocks are available in different styles and shapes such as circular shape, square shape, house shaped and funnel-shaped. There is also the availability of simple hammocks that have hammock shape. Fashion plays a vital role in best hammock selection because rats like or hates hammocks by their forms. For example, if you found your pet sleeping in round shape, then circularly shaped bed will be best for your pet whereas if it rests by his full length stretches then rectangular shaped hammock is excellent.

Types of Suspension

Several Rat Hammocks looks similar to human hammocks. They can be hanged by attaching its two corners to the rat cage and letting the center of them little stable. Some bunk has the shape to suspend from top of the cage. They provide more flexibility in movement. It will be hard to consider what will be best for your rat? Before understanding this, you have to observe the likeness of your rat. If your rat has adventurous nature, then the second option is best, but if the rat is more into climbing up in the corner, then the first option is best.


Please Note that Suspension doesn't limit to above two methods because different types of hammocks can be hanged differently.

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