Best Bedding For Rats Compared

Rat bedding is the most significant consideration of pet lovers. It is essentialif you want to keep your cuties odor free, warm and clean. We are going to compare the best bedding for rats in this article by giving you selection choice as per your needs. It should be clear to you that every bedding needs to change on a regular basis.

Best Bedding For Rats Compared

Changing of bedding once a day recommended. It is a useful extra effort that can save your rats from the filthy environment. You can get the clean house for your rats by doing this extra work. Changing of bedding also depends upon the age of rats. If your rats are adolescent, then you should have to change it more than once a day. But if your rats are adults, then you can increase the interval time.

Choosing The Best Bedding For Your Rats:

Selection of right bedding for your rats comes under some factors. An important one is preserving the quality and health of your rats. There is a variety of bedding that has their advantages and disadvantages. Some also have terrific nature so they should avoid entirely.

Types of Bedding:

Bedding for rats consists of following five main categories. You can choose one of these types according to your suitability. Following are the five types of good bedding for rats.

Cloth bedding

Clay Bedding

Wood Shavings

Aspen Bedding

Corn Bedding

Paper Pellet Bedding

Cage Bottom Bedding Choices To Avoid

Cedar and Pine

Aromatic red cedar and pine are the options that should avoid. These sold in the pet stores, and people also buy them. The analysis shows that aromatic cedar has hydrocarbons that are bad for the life of your cuties. These hydrocarbons have the fast scent which used to overcome urine odor. It becomes terrible and infectious for the respiratory system of this little creature.Avoid Cedar and Pine because it is terrible for the health of your rats in different ways. Rats immune system get compromised if inhaled for a long time. According to lab analysis, it noticed worst for enzymes.

Things that should be look after:

When you have decided about what and which type of bedding you should consider some significant factors also:


It is the general rule that you have to get more quantity for your good price.


It should be in your mind while selection of quantity that quality should also be ensured. Your bedding should be dust free and should be free from nasty chemicals.


The Price should be according to your budget.


It should be ensured that you are getting good value in deal. It will also be noticed that you are not getting overpriced value.


After purchasing you have to check the effectiveness of that product. You can check this thing from the review of the people. You can go to the reviews search and understand the effectiveness of product. Effectiveness means they are fulfilling all things that were claimed in their description.

Symptoms To change bedding

Persistent Porphyrin

If you see that your rats are getting persistently porphyrin. It shows that the bedding containing is full of dust.You should have to decide about the change of bedding.


Another important sign of bedding change requirement is the smell. If you feel smell it shows that your bedding is not in a condition to absorb more. Normally it takes two to three days but if you feel smelly environment before, then it should be changed without delay.


:Very important symptom of bedding change requirement is the respiratory infection in your cuties. Most of the time Rats got Respiratory infection only because of bedding bad condition. When you asses infection in your rats then you should have to change it immediately.

Recommended Brands:

Market is full of Brands and their claims but we have reviewed and going to recommend following six brands. Many people recommend different brands but according to our analysis here is the list of brands that are recommended.

  • Back2Nature
  • Aspen Supreme
  • Eco Bedding
  • Care Fresh
  • Yesterday’s News
  • CritterCare

We have recommended above list after a deep study of these brands but if you have noticed any best brand example then you should adopt it at your own risk.


We are going to provide our opinion after researching the products and their reviews. We have considered then all best bedding products but products are not created in equal. We will analyze and understand products on the basis of Pros and cons. We have also used scoring out of 10 to better understand the products.

HPCC Natural Bedding

what is the best bedding for rats?

It is the great rat bedding in the market. It is the most popular and trusted brand in the market. It is offering ninety nine percent freedom from dust. You will get this product with surety of 99.9 percent dust free claim.

It is made up of recycled pulps of wood and it is different than others in market. Wood pulp should not be misunderstood by chip bedding. It is totally different thing because it is free from cedar and pine. we have passed it after fulfilling our quality checks.

Wood-pulp is a product same with paper. It is made up of cardboard which is corrugated. It is very long lasting as compared to regular ones. Its manufacturing is cardboard based but still it is great absorbent. it is very effective in masking odor, keeping cage dry and different other benefits.

It can absorb three time more than its weight the urine, leakage of water bottles, and odor. It provides cozy and dry place to your pet. it is naturally dust free. It is biodegradable because it is made up of Wood-pulp.

What Are The Pros and Cons?

  • Its bedding is dust free
  • It is still best absorbent having cardboard material
  • It is available in good quantity and in good price .
  • It is absorbent but not as efficient as regular one .
  • Outside U.S availability issue.

Overall Rating:

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cat litter as bedding for rats

Dust-freedom .Purina is a great Cat litter bedding manufacturing of Yesterday`s News brand. It seems rats will love it. it i s paper material product and have 99.7 percent dust free claim.

Its pellets are very soft which will provide enjoyment and jumping facility to your pets. It is totally chemical free. You will not get any chemical scent.

It is very fast and best absorbent. If you correctly solid it all around then there are no chances of any harmful thing in the presence of this bedding. It is the one of the best one which provides you price and quantity.It is getting award of best product of the year from previous 8 years.

What Are The Pros and Cons?

  • Chemicals freedom.
  • Great absorbent being paper based.
  • It has good quantity in good price.Best product since 2012.
  • It is 99.7 percent dust freedom which is not guaranteed.
  • It. is not pretty in design
  • Its price is more than criter care.

Overall Rating:

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Back2Nature: Small Animal Bedding

best rat bedding that is safe

Small Animal Bedding is the presentation of FibreCycle which is another famous bedding for your pets, and this is due to its well criteria fulfillment. It is also due to its dust free and chemical free features. It provides 99.9% freedom from dust and also provides full freedom from chemicals.

It has two times more price than its competitors but it is healthiest bedding in the market. If you are only conscious about quality and budget did not maters you. Then this bedding is a great thing for you. It can be combined with another bedding to get the benefits of both. This bedding along with other one is the common practice of the rat owners. It is used mixing with another type of bedding to make this deal economical or budget friendly.

We recommend this bedding to those who are very concerning about the quality not the price. it is the economical and qualitative product. It is made up of paper and did not have recommended to use singly. You are recommended to use this product along with others to mange budget.

What Are The Pros and Cons?

  • It consists of paper.
  • Dust-Free. 99.9%
  • It is free of manufacturing chemicals.
  • It is environment friendly.
  • It is best absorbent and you do not need to worry about
  • It is more cheaper than others.
  • It has high price but delivery outside USA orders.

Overall Rating:

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Fibercore Eco-bedding Natural

Buy Fibercore Eco-bedding Natural, 4.5lb

​It is healthier, cleaner and very comfortable bedding explicitly manufactured for small creatures such as rats, mice rabbits! It has Completely recycled paper material.The remarkable and certified procedure of paper strips folding after cutting, created for a ideal bedding stuff.

Eco-beddings are Best absorbent, thoroughly dust free and easily compostable, Fixing the inhalant allergies or irritations problem. When you have Eco-bedding your animals will always be on a dry surface because its nest absorb from ground and Top layer remains dry for a long time. It is long lasting bedding which covers two to three days more than others.

It has the ability to absorb three times more water than it's weight. Rats have compassionate respiratory system and airborne particles cause different type of ailments that can be overcome with the help of Eco-beddings. It is ideal for animals as well as people who are suffering from asthma or other allergies. The Pieces of paper crates a comfortable, soft, and springy mat.The part of bedding which is in contact with pets will be comfortable and dry.

Unlike wood beddings, it Eco-bedding would not be stuck with the animals. It can be used as the upper layer on different litters that are packed down such as pellets, shaving, etc.It is safe for breeding rats, and it is also safe from choking hazards.

Unlike straw and wood beddings, eco-bedding is adequately controlled, made up of hundred percent recycled fibers of paper for ensuring consistency and perfect quality.It is the paper product, so its disposal is very simple and economical. It is also useful for birds for nest creation. It is hundred percent biodegradable product. It is very comfortable because of its ease of burrow in.

What Are The Pros and Cons?

  • Perfect bedding of paper is Very comfortable,
  • it is Allergy free, and easy to burrow in.
  • Great absorbent
  • Long lasting than other on the list.
  • It is biodegradable
  • Some people says It has 4.5lb which is less quantity.
  • it control odor but not completely

Overall Rating:

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carefresh Complete Pet Bedding

Buy carefresh Complete Pet Bedding

biodegradable and natural in compostable. It superior product because it is not only perfect for your pet but also for the planet.Natural Pet Bedding is healthiest, safest pet linen for small friends. It is Free of dyes, inks, chemicals and clay which is used in paper manufacturing process,

It is ideally natural small fiber pulp is finished to eliminate harmful hydrocarbons which exist in cedar and pine oil. It has been tested for contaminants and also sanitized in the high temperature of 380 degrees to eliminate fungus, mold and bacteria.

It has the best odor control system. It is perfect absorbent because it can absorb three times more water than its weight. It is best for people who are budgetary conscious and it also has excellent quality. It is healthier, cleaner and economic bedding.

What Are The Pros and Cons?

  • Odor control for 10-Day
  • Three times absorbent than shavings
  • 99% dust freedom for quick clean-up
  • Good value in perfect price
  • Mixed reviews of people about its quality

Overall Rating:

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While there are millions of best rat bedding products in market, we have reviewed five product that are found best for your pets. We have also told factors that should be used as tool to understand the best bedding product from market. These tools are open option for you to select best product according to your own analysis.

All products reviewed, they are best in terms of quality, quantity, with different prices and advantages.

If you have got the measures, purchasing the best is definitive best, However either of the above all bedding’s are Ratwiki approved. Feel free to ask any question in comments we will happily welcome your feedback and try to help you.

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