How To Trust Train Your Rats

Training your rat is a very difficult task due to language barrier. Your loving action can be a nightmare for your rat who is not trained. For example, you are sitting in your room in front of your computer and enjoying chatting but suddenly a Godzilla pulled off your house roof and catch you along […]

Top 5 Best Rat Hammock Reviews

A rat hammock satisfies three kinds of desires of your pet such as playing, climbing and rest. Your rats enjoy staying busy and after that a comfortable place to relax. All said desires of your little creatures are satisfied by a good hammock. In The Picture Interpet Limited Hanging Fuz Hammock Click for More […]

The Seven Best Rat Toys 2018

Rats are intelligent, active creature which requires proper mental stimulation and exercise for ideal health. There are the bundle of natural methods and fun ways to entertain your pets.You can give toys to provide a form of entertainment for your pets.Rats enjoy tunnels. Some of them enjoy running through them, and some experience them. Tubes are […]